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What Are Some Free Courses On Machine Learning That Are Available Online?

Q. What Are Some Free Courses On Machine Learning That Are Available Online?

I can provide you with a list of free online courses on machine learning. I'll give you a brief overview of some popular ones, and you can explore them in more detail on your own.

Free Online Machine Learning Courses

1) Coursera - Machine Learning by Andrew Ng:

This is a foundational course that covers the basics of machine learning and is a great starting point.

2) edX - Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI):

Offered by Stanford University, this course explores both machine learning and AI concepts.

3) Stanford Online - Machine Learning by Andrew Ng:

Similar to his Coursera course, this is available on Stanford Online's platform for free.


4) Kaggle Courses:

Kaggle offers various free courses on machine learning and data science, ranging from beginner to advanced levels.


They offer practical deep learning for coders. It's known for its hands-on approach and is great for those who want to get into deep learning.

6) Google's Machine Learning Crash Course:

Google provides a free introductory course that covers the basics of machine learning.

7) MIT OpenCourseWare - Introduction to Deep Learning:

MIT offers this course online for free, covering deep learning concepts.

8) UC Berkeley - CS189: Introduction to Machine Learning:

This course is available on YouTube as part of UC Berkeley's open courseware.

9) Columbia University - Machine Learning for Data Science:

This is available on edX and covers machine learning in the context of data science.

10) Microsoft's Machine Learning for Beginners:

This free course is designed for absolute beginners and is available on the Microsoft Learn platform.

11) DataCamp:

While they have some paid content, DataCamp also offers free introductory courses in machine learning.

12) Udacity - Intro to Machine Learning with PyTorch:

Udacity provides this free course for beginners using the PyTorch framework.

13) - AI For Everyone:

Taught by Andrew Ng, this course is designed to provide a broad understanding of AI concepts.

14) Stanford Online - Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning:

If you're interested in NLP, this course is a great resource.

15) OpenAI's Spinning Up in Deep Learning:

OpenAI offers a practical introduction to deep learning, focusing on reinforcement learning.

These courses offer a wide range of topics within machine learning and cater to learners with varying levels of expertise. You can choose the ones that align with your interests and skill level. Remember that while these courses are free, some platforms may offer certificates for a fee if you want formal recognition of your completion.

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