Goomsite Pro AMP HTML v3.00 Responsive Blogger Template

Goomsite Pro presents a cutting-edge solution by introducing Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for Blogger Templates, offering a design with a distinct business perspective. This innovative approach ensures rapid loading times and seamless functionality. The templates have been meticulously crafted to excel in both Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and mobile responsiveness.

Goomsite Pro AMP HTML v3.00 Responsive Blogger Template

At the heart of this offering is a template that I personally employed for the very first time on my blog. Its maiden use coincided with my AdSense registration process, wherein I composed five new posts as part of the registration requirements. Astonishingly, within a matter of mere weeks, my AdSense application was approved without the prolonged wait that's often anticipated. This rapid approval even took my friend by surprise, who, upon my recommendation, decided to employ the same template.


Following suit, their AdSense application sailed through in just a week, contrary to their initial skepticism. This success story can be replicated – if you're considering giving it a shot, I encourage you to make use of this template for your AdSense registration endeavors.

The standout features of Goomsite Pro's AMP Blogger Templates are numerous and impactful. These templates adhere to the standards of Valid AMP HTML, ensuring a seamless browsing experience for your audience. Moreover, they are designed to be highly responsive, dynamically adapting to various screen sizes. This responsiveness is in harmony with the templates' SEO-friendly architecture, which aims to enhance your blog's discoverability and ranking on search engines.

The template's layout encompasses a variety of elements that contribute to a compelling user experience. A well-structured Grid layout, Top and Primary Menus, and a Bottom Menu collectively contribute to intuitive navigation. The inclusion of a Slider Carousel adds a dynamic visual element to your blog. To facilitate engagement, features like a Search bar and a Disqus Comment section encourage reader interaction.

Furthermore, the template incorporates practical components such as a Subscribe footer, Social Share buttons, and discreet Post meta information. For those inclined, the template offers optional elements like Breadcrumbs for navigation. The comprehensive feature set guarantees a versatile and customizable platform that caters to your specific blogging needs.

Goomsite Pro AMP HTML v3.00 Responsive Blogger Template

In conclusion, Goomsite Pro's AMP Blogger Templates represent a leap forward in design and functionality. Through its seamless loading times, SEO optimization, and mobile responsiveness, it addresses the core needs of modern bloggers. Its track record of expediting AdSense approval stands as a testament to its effectiveness. By adopting this template, you're not just embracing a design; you're embracing a tool that empowers your blog's success in today's competitive digital landscape.


  • Valid AMP HTML
  • Responsive
  • SEO Friendly
  • Grid
  • Top Menu
  • Search
  • Primary Menu
  • Menu Bottom
  • Slider Carousel
  • Search
  • Comment Disqus
  • Subscribe footer
  • Post meta (Hidden)
  • Breadcrumbs (Hidden)
  • Social Share
  • More...


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