Google Adsense New Approval Tricks 2023

How To Approve Google AdSense and Adsense Approval Tricks, both of which go on in the minds of bloggers who have just started their career in blogging.  Because if you make money with Google through Blogging, then it is important to have adsense approved on your blog.

That is why if you are also new in blogging and want to get approval of adsense soon, then this post is for you.  Today we will tell you all the things that are necessary to approve the adsense account.

Google Adsense New Approval Tricks 2023

 The biggest mistake,

 New bloggers do just that, they apply for adsense immediately after creating the blog, without knowing what the Adsense policy is and what's the matter that Google adsense checks in your blog.

 For this reason, before adsense rejects your blog, keep all blogs in mind and apply your blog to adsense approval.

 With these brains removed from your mind,

 Most of the information on the internet has spread that '20-25 posts should be already published for approval, there should be many traffic per day on your blog or apply only after 6 months of making the blog.'  First of all, you forget these things because they are all lousy, there is nothing like that…. All these loots are being spread….

 How To Approve Google AdSense (Complete Guide)

 Getting Adsense approval is not so difficult, if we follow the policy of Google adsense to make your blog ko seo friendly.  I also understood and applied to these matters, after which I got the approval of adsense only after 13 hours…. You should also keep the things mentioned below…

1).  Create these important pages

 First of all you need to create the necessary page on your blog, the most important of these pages is - About us, Contact us, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer. By creating these pages, adsense will trust your blog and they quickly approve.  We will give different reasons to create these different pages: -

About us: If you create this page, then the user who comes to your blog will know about you and your blog through this page, what is the target of this blog.  For this reason, in your blog, create about us page.

Contact us: This page lets the user contact you, creating this page will increase the contact between you and your user and  Along with this you will also get feedback about your blog.

Privacy Policy: This page is most important.  Through this page, you can tell the user what information is being shared on your blog and what your blog is collecting.

Disclaimer: It is also important to create this page, through this,  Can tell about the work process of

By creating all these pages, user's trust on your blog will increase and if the user has trust on your blog then google will also trust your blog ..

Google Adsense New Approval Tricks 2023

2).  Simple Design

 Keep your blog as simple as possible, so that if a user comes to your blog, then it should be easy to understand your blog.  Show all your posts on the home page of your blog, any user who accesses all your blogs.

 Google takes the most care of its user, if the user is happy then understand that google will also be happy with your blog and you will also get adsense account approval soon.  Now Google has become smart, it takes care of everything.

3).  Make full use of Navigation

 Use the navigation menu on your blog, using navigation will give the user a guide, which of your post is said to be.  Like our main navigation menu in the header of our website, you can easily go to different posts.

4).  Avoid other Ads Network

Whenever you apply for Google Adsense account approval, then you do not use any other Ad Network on your blog, however you can place other ads later, Adsense does not want you to use any other Ad Network.

5).  How many posts should I write

 There is a lot of talk on the Internet, which is just a matter, some people are telling that approval of adsense will be received only when you write 20-25 posts, but it is not so, just 1-2 more posts than the number of pages created on your blog.

 I had published 7 posts on my blog and at that time had created only 6 pages on my blog and applied for adsense, which was approved only after 13 hours.

 6).  How much traffic should there be

 Adsense has also told this on its policy page that to get adsense account approval, there should be Ragular Traffic on your blog.  Meaning users should visit your blog everyday.  But this does not mean that there are 1000 visitors every day.

 If 20-50 users are visiting your blog every day, then you can apply for adsense approval… For this you can share your blog on social media.

Adsense New Approval Tricks

7). Do not allow adsense account to be approved

 Do not use any copyrighted image on the blog. Do not use pornography image and video on the blog. Do not hide any link in the header, footer and content of the blog. Do not use the nulled and cracked theme.  Better than this you use the free theme. Do not publish content copied from any other blog. Do not use any bad java script code on the blog. Do not use affiliate link in the blog before applying.  But later you can use it.

HowTo Approve Google Adsense, New Tips And Tricks


How To Approve Google Adsense,  The most important thing is that you should be the honest for your user because if the user is happy then google will also approve and rank your blog.
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