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Google Adsense Approval Tricks 2023 for Wordpress and Blogger

This is a question that every new blogger wants to know.  If you also want to earn money by enabling monetization in your blog, then this post is for you only.  We will tell some best tips and tricks in this post, so that you will be able to approve your AdSense account easily.

Google Adsense Approval Tricks 2023 for Wordpress and Blogger

You all know that there are so many ways to earn money from blogging.  Of which, Advertising and Affiliate Marketing are both the best methods.  Right now there are many advertising companies which offer different types of services.  But Adsense is the best and most liked and recommended by users.

Adsense is an Advertising Network and offers a PPC (Pay Per Click) offer.  Let me also tell you that this is a service of Google search engine.  It pays more than the other ad network and it is one of the most trusted company.  Never heard any wrong news about it.

Mostly, bloggers use Adsense only in their blogs.  In my case, I have been using it for about 2 years.  In this, I have never even had a chance to complain.  Through Adsense, you cannot earn money just by blogging.  But you can also show AdSense ads in your YouTube video as well as AdMob is also part of Adsense. AdMob can make money by showing Ad in Android App too.

However, all of you know that Adsense is a very big company but you should also know that its rules are very dangerous.  Nobody can show Adsense Ads in their blog, but many sites get adsense approval.  To get its approval, you have to follow the rules of Adsense.
Some people do not even understand its rules properly and apply for adsense and when its application gets rejected, after that, they know what is Adsense Privacy and Policy?  Here we are going to tell you some tips and tricks, after which you can easily approve your adsense account.

Best 13 Tips and Tricks to Approve Adsense Account

Get a Domain:
Some people create their own free blog in Blogger, after writing some posts they apply for Adsense.  This is a great reason to be disapproved of their account.  Therefore, we will only ask you to buy the domain before applying for an adsense account and add it to your blog.

Minimum Age:
If your Google Account is below your age, your Adsense account will be disapproved.  Therefore, if you are going to apply adsense, then you should get your age 18+.

If Your Site is Too New:
If your website or blog is completely new then you will not get adsense account approval.  It will be better that you wait 6 months and then apply.

Google adsense account approval tricks and tips

Insufficient Content:
The content of any site is the most important.  If you are going to apply for adsense, then add at least 10-15 high quality content.

Unsuitable Content:
If your site has a lot of traffic but it has some wrong type of posts, then they will not get approve for Adsense.  .  Adsense does not allow some types of content.  Like Pornography, Hate Speech, Hacking, Violent Things, Business of Beer, Drugs, in your site.

If you have content of Sales of Weapons and Ammunition type, you will not get approval for adsense.

Important pages:
Before applying for Adsense, you can create pages about About us, Contact us, Privacy and Policy.  If you do not have this page, your account may also be disapproved.

Verify your Site in Search Engines:
If you have made a blog some time ago and are going to give an adsense application then you will have to first tell your blog Google, Yahoo, Bing  Submit to popular search engines like  After this, when your blog starts to have good organic traffic, the adsense will be 100% chance of being approved.

How To Get Google AdSense Approval

Use 100% Original Content: Google is not just Adsense but Google also hates duplicate content.  In Adsense's privacy and policy, it clearly shows that your blog should have original content.

Do not Use Other Ad Network:
If you are already using another advertising network and apply for adsense then you  The application will be rejected.  So do not use multiple ad networks in your blog.

Use Own Image:
As we have already mentioned that to get approval for adsense, your blog must have 100% original content.  Therefore, you can not use the image by downloading it in the blog.

Poor Site Design:
This can be a great reason to disapprove your Adsense.  If the design of your blog will be more colorful then Adsense will consider it a spammer and reject it.  So leave the design as simple as possible.

Your content in Unsupported Language:
You will know that Adsense does not support all languages.  Earlier it did not support Urdu and Bengali language too.  Supporting it for some time already.  So your site content should be in adsense supported language.

You Have Earlier Been Banned From AdSense:
If you have already applied for Adsense in which you had received disapproval, then your site will also have reason to reject adsense accordingly.  Only then can you get Approval.

How to Get Fast Google Adsense Approval (100% Fast & Working)

Final Words:
Approve adsense for any blog has become easy.  Now Adsense is not as strict as before.  This year, I have given 2 - 3 adsense account approve to my friend.  But still you have to follow all these tips and tricks only then you will get Approval.  Because there is no guarantee of Adsense, it can change its policy anytime.  If you follow all these tips, then 101% will be approved in your adsense account.
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