What's The Fastest Way To Get Visitors On Blog

What's the fastest way to get visitors on blog?

A question that is asked over and over again!

Here are two simple answers to put your mind in order

1. PAID Ads

Like it or not, all search engines, advertising platforms, and social media platforms are here to promote your business.  Offer; Money!

If you have the money to invest in advertising, I'm sure the first 4 stops will be the platform with the largest audience.  Google, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, etc.

In most cases, you'll need a budget of at least $5 ($10 most preferred) per day for at least a week to get enough visitors.

Also, when you pay for advertising, your advertiser's main goal is to get quality leads.


This is enough to explain why paying for advertising is the best shortcut.

2. Free search engine sources

Quora: Create a space on Quora and start posting something daily related to your product or service and answering people's questions. Start linking your posts and answers to your blog when the time is right. Over time, people can easily read your blog

YouTube: Open a YouTube channel and start posting videos to share content with people looking for your answers to their questions. Include a link to your blog post in the video description.

Tumblr: Tumblr allows you to blog within tumblr. Just paste the post link for others to see. You can choose to read some of the information displayed or read the entire blog post.

Reddit: Create a community on reddit and start adding value.  It's not difficult.

Pinterest: Pinterest, like Youtube, is a search engine. The only difference is that Pinterest is visual. Once you sign up, you can start creating Pins with information linked to your blog.

Social Media Pages: Social media pages are a great way to grow your online presence.  Make good use of them. Then open TikTok, Instagram account, Fb group, etc.

Either way, there are no shortcuts to getting quality traffic to your blog! It should be having content that you know people are craving.

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