What Is Negative SEO And How To Protect Your Website From Negative SEO

Negative SEO also known as Black Hat SEO. This is a very bad and unpopular SEO strategy that can negatively affect your page rank.

What Is Negative SEO And How To Protect Your Website From Negative SEO

Imagine going to great lengths to set up your site on Google's main page. At that point, people who don't care about your site, for example your competitors, will choose to put you down in the web index rather than grow their site.

This is a quick way to move beyond opposition without having to perform the difficult task of third party referencing. Likewise, they may do it for a variety of reasons - revenge, some kind of gratification in return, etc.

Similarly, they may do it in their own locale, basically due to lack of information. (e.g. doing outdated SEO scams like backlink stuffing and thinking it boosts their standing).


Negative SEO should be possible from multiple perspectives. Duplicating the entity and disseminating it all on several different sites, gaining illegal access at various destinations, eradicating entire selective sentences, connecting random entities to sites multiple times, doing various things do.  of that nature.

An individual uses the above practices to punish the purpose, negatively impacting its position and ultimately eradicating the site from her Google search files.

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