What Do The Most Successful YouTubers Have In Common

What Do The Most Successful YouTubers Have In Common

Education is clearly a big part of the fitness industry, but at least nearly all "successful" YouTubes offer entertainment on par with educating viewers on topics that actually matter. It can be said that there are

We like to laugh, we want to feel connected, we like to engage

We crave controversy, we like gossip  And oh, how we love a good argument.

Blaming people, hating them, arguing with them, having disagreements…they do great things.


Seven of my top 10 videos to date are about people.  This is amazing.  Because it makes up about 10-20% of my total content, there's little real value these videos provide to people.

People don't usually go to YouTube to learn. They are there to relax and have fun.

Education is an absolute afterthought for most people, a side benefit for some, and a primary goal for a sad minority.

So if you want to get hundreds of thousands and millions of subscribers, first consider yourself an entertainer.

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