What Are YouTube Thumbnails and Why Do They Matter

What Are YouTube Thumbnails and Why Do They Matter ?

A YouTube video thumbnail is a still image that serves as a preview image for your video, It's like a book cover. And, like the cover of a book, it should make potential viewers want to see more.

A good custom video thumbnail can make a big difference when viewers click on your video.

This is a very easy way to give your videos a professional look.

If you've been on YouTube, you've seen dozens, if not hundreds, of cool thumbnails. Exciting graphics, people smiling, or just looking cool and attractive.


A good thumbnail makes you want to watch the video. Conversely, you've probably seen a lot of other videos that don't seem to think about it at all.

Required Elements of Thumbnails

Good Thumbnails So your thumbnail should always be

Clearly communicate the subject of your video.

If possible, show the face of the person you are talking to in a fun and engaging way.

Include your brand.

Optimize for any device.

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