What Are PBN Backlinks and How To Create Them

What Are PBN Backlinks and How To Create Them

A private blog network (PBN) is a site or group of sites (domain) used to rank your site higher on search engines.

The domains used for this are sites that used to be real sites but have been sold or expired. For example, a company such as Blockbuster Video goes out of business and the domain blockbustervideo.com is sold or put up for auction.

If you buy such a domain, you can use it to link to your own his website.

We do this because the previous site has authority and trust built from links to it. You can then repurpose your site and pass authority (aka link juice) to the site you link to.


How To Create PBN Backlinks

Creating a PBN and using it effectively is a little more complicated than simply buying a domain and creating a small website that links to your site.

Google doesn't want website owners linking to their domains, so they set up filters to prevent PBNs from working effectively.

Not only that, but Google can penalize your site if it finds you are using a PBN.

So when creating a PBN, it's important to make it look like an independent website on a website hosting platform different from the hosting platform you're using.

After that, you should test your PBN to make sure it provides positive link juice. We created this detailed guide because there are many steps to consider.

From domain selection to hosting decisions to how to actually build and test his PBN, we'll walk you through each step you need to consider.

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