Top 7 Amazing Websites To Find What You Want On The Internet

Top 7 Amazing Websites To Find What You Want On The Internet

7 websites to make your online time convenient

Here are seven useful websites to help you make the most of your time online.


You've probably heard about her website for this science. We encourage you to visit frequently when you want information about something.

This is because it's huge, highly scientific and meticulous, offering everything you need to know. I can.  Also, the website is multilingual, which makes it very convenient for people around the world.


This is another interesting website that you should visit to use the Internet to your advantage. This is free reading software designed to sharpen your reading speed.


This is one of my favorite websites.  This is an American non-profit website that gives you the opportunity to overcome vocabulary challenges.

Every time you answer a question correctly, you donate the rice fund. A really clever idea that can save lives just by surfing the web at home.



This is one of the most interesting websites today. This is a huge online community of people who like to "do it themselves". They are creative people, willing to share and explain using step-by-step photos to create anything from building furniture, repairing old appliances, to creating 3D sidewalk art.

I have learned a lot from this site. We guarantee that you will not regret visiting this site!


Have you never heard of the famous TED community? You should watch online anytime, anywhere. This is a site full of great things. Discussions, lectures, thoughts, opinions and valuable experiences on all fronts from the world's most famous scientists.

Your thoughts will expand, your life skills will be cultivated, and your outlook on life will be "enlightened". In particular, this is a very helpful website for learning English.

In just 18 minutes or less of a short video, you can learn a lot that you wouldn't learn in years.


Coursera is one of the largest educational institutions in the world and partners with "top" universities and other institutions in many fields.

The main purpose is to increase the motivation of each person and to improve the family and the community in terms of education. This is a great website that offers endless valuable learning resources.


If you're skeptical and curious about seemingly simple, mundane things, the answer is very simple.  One click.

This site will help you discover and reason about everything you are interested in machines, cars, pencils, phones. The website has also won awards for its vast source of information and clear and interesting explanations of how things work.

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