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Bookmark Personal Blogger Template Free Download is a personal blogspot template that rip from this website at the request of readers and shares it for free for you who have needs. Personal Blogger Template Download

Full responsive interface, compatible with most interface devices.
Carefully optimized, works independently of the source-converted website.
Standard blogspot template, meta optimized and other elements.
There is instruction file attached and data.xml so you can test easily.
Instructions for installing blogspot templates

Step 1: Download the blogspot template
To upload the interface to the blogspot you open the template file (DEMO-KHOCHOC-TV.XML) with the whole notepad +++ copy and paste in the Subject> Edit HTML, delete the current code and paste the code you copied earlier and press  save.
Step 2: Upload the article data to the blog
If you want to have articles displayed like demo, you can use the data file by going to Settings> Others> Enter content and choose to download data file. Personal Blogger Template

Step 3: Edit the layout
If you upload the template as I instructed in step 1, all layouts will appear like the demo, but the slider of the top post I am showing is under the Thu-thuat label if you want to edit it to another label.  Specifically, find the code

 <script language = 'JavaScript'> // <! [CDATA [document.write ("<script src = \" / feeds / posts / default / - / Thu-thuat? max-results = "+ 3 +" & orderby =  published & alt = json-in-script & callback = showrecentposts02 \ "> <\ / script>");  //]]> </script> Personal Blogger Template Download

Change Thu-thuat text to any label or it can be displayed when there are latest posts by

 <script language = 'JavaScript'> // <! [CDATA [document.write ("<script src = \" / feeds / posts / default? max-results = "+ 3 +" & orderby = published & alt = json-in-  script & callback = showrecentposts02 \ "> <\ / script>");  //]]> </script>

That's it, the configuration of the personal blogspot template is completed. Wish you success.

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