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How To Make Your Blog Seo Friendly, Complete Guide

Hello guys, in today's post I'm going to tell you about How to make blog (blogspot) SEO friendly?  blogspot is the service of google.  Which is absolutely free.  The biggest difficulty  after creating a blog on blogspot is making blog completely SEO friendly which are new on blogspot.  They should make their blog fully SEO friendly.

Till we do not make our blog fully SEO friendly.  Till then, traffic in our blog will be equal.  Every new blogger has this problem.  They always keep searching for this.  How to Make Blog Seo Friendly, How to Make Blog Theme Seo Friendly, How to Customize Blog Full.

How To Make Your Blog SEO Friendly? Complete Information

 To bring blog to high ranking, blog which is SEO friendly brings organic traffic from google. Google understands our blog easily. Google indexes our blog very soon. By being our blog SEO friendly, Google knows all  it happens .  What is shared in our blog  Everyone passes that information to the people.

 Now you must have understood well.  How important is blogs to be SEO friendly?  As much as you can tell, it is rare.

How to Make Blogspot Blog Seo Friendly

First of all, put simple and good looking template for your blog which is seo friendly and mobile friendly in your blog.  And according to you design your blog.  The theme has description and keyword options.

SEO Settings For Blog


 It is very important to add meta tag to your blog.  When you share a link to your blog.  Then a word written in meta tags appears below the link.

To apply Meta tags to the blog, first go to the setting of your blog, then go to search preference and go to meta tags description and turn it on.  Write the same words that you make public in your blog.  Like SEO, wordpress, blogspot, make money, in this you have to write 150 words only.  Then save it.

Costom redirect:

 When we delete a post or change the link to a post  Then visitors from Google could not read it.  404 not found error after clicking on that link.  For this you can redirect that link to another link.  Go to costom redirect for this and enter the link in the form which is causing the error.  Insert the link to which you want to send to.  (Remember only link to be inserted.)

Costom robots.txt:

 This is very important for your blog.  In this, what do you want to show on Google?  They can and do not want to show what they want.  For this, copy the code given below and replace your website url with the url of your blog and save.
User-agent: *

Disallow: /search

Allow: /

Sitemap: yourwebsiteurl/feeds/posts/default?orderby=UPDATED
This is most important for your blog.  It has to be set carefully.  If they make some mistake in it.  So traffic from Google will be almost nil.

 All - By enabling this, google will index all your posts easily.

 Noidex - It is used when you do not want a post, images etc. to appear on google.  If you enable this, no post will be indexed by Google.

 Nofollow - Google will not index your blog post by enabling it.

 None - Enabling this will not index anything of your blog.

 NoArchive - Visitors can come even when our blog is not enabled.  Google keeps the data of our blog.  Visitors can come to the blog by clicking on it.

 Nosnippet - When our blog post comes on google.  Then there is a post description below the title.  Visitors can know what has been shared in the blog from there.  If you do not want to show, then enable it.

 Noodp - By enabling this, Google understands our blog well and easily indexes blog posts.

 Noimageindex - You can hide the image used on your blog.  By enabling this, Google will not index the image used on your blog.

 Notranslate - Using this can prevent blog posts from being translated.

 Unavailable after - This is used when you want to show the post of your blog for some time. You can set the time.  google will show the logo till the same time.

Blog SEO Guide

Customize the robots header tags:

Home page -> All and noodp tick √.

 Archives and search pages -> no index and noodp tick √.

 Default post and pages -> All and noodp tick √.

Submit your blog in Google console:

 If you have not yet submitted your blog to Google console  Then submit.  Only then google will read your blog and it will be easy to index the post.

 Submit sitemap in google console:

 Create a sitemap for your blog and submit it to Google console.  The sitemap has all the posts in the blog.  google is easy to index.

 Friends, do you like this post and do tell us by commenting.  Visit our blog to learn more about seo.
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