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Top 15 Ways To Increase AdSense Earnings For Your Website In 2023

Friends, every blogger dreams of making a good income from his blog.  Mostly, bloggers earn money by avertising use of Adsense in their blogs.  Many people think that how to increase earning in Adsense?  So that's why in this post we will tell you in details how to increase Adsense earning?

15 Ways To Increase AdSense Earnings For Your Website In 2023

In recent times, many advertising companies will be found, but Google Adsense will always be at the top.  There is a big reason behind this and many people will also know.  If you are an Adsense user and have tried other ad networks besides yourself, then you will definitely know why Adsense is the best ad network.
Google adsense gives more profit than other advertising companies.  This is a service of Google itself, so it is confirmed that everyone will trust it.  Apart from this, there are some things that make Adsense the best ad network.
Google AdWords is facing competition nowadays.  Yes, you read right that companies are not responding to Adsense as usual.  He does advertising in Facebook and other places except AdWords.  It is the largest responsible Adsense publishers.  Many adsense publishers make many invalid clicks on their ads and when the company comes to know about it, they refuse to advertise in it.
In my case, when I created my blog, after writing a few posts, I had applied for Adsense and I also got approval.  Earlier I used to think that it is very easy to earn money by blogging but later I was told that one has to do day and night to earn income from blogging.

Similarly, if you are also thinking that by creating a blog and showing ads of adsense, then it will definitely be a good income, then it is your misconception.  If you are a blogger then you will know this very well.  I find that someone earns money in a very short time from blogging.  How much time you will earn from blogging, it depends on your hard work.

In today's time, if you have to earn a very short time by creating a new blog, then for this you will have to do one day and night.  Only then will you be able to earn good by blogging.  If you have once taken your blog to success level then you will not have to work as hard as before.  I mean, after that you will be able to earn a lot of money by blogging time to time too.

By the way, there are many people who are earning more than less traffic in blogs and some people have more traffic in their blog but they are not able to earn more than that.  I have also seen people who are earning $ 100 on 10k traffic from their blog.  There are also many tricks to earn money from blogs, using which you can earn more in less traffic.

Often, we see people always conversing about it on social media, "How do Adsense Earning?" If your blog's traffic is low, then you can earn a lot of money, but first of all you can  Should increase traffic.  After that you use adsense to enable monetization on your blog.

In this post, we are going to tell the AtoZ guide to increase earning for Adsense user.  If you are also an adsense user, then follow these tips and do the optimization.  With this, you will be able to earn 3x to 5x more than what you are earning now.

How do Adsense Earning Increase 2023

Normally, Adsense offers both low and high paying ads as its publisher.  Especially in India, adsense offers only very low level paying ads.  Many people do not know about this that you can also block low paying advertiser channel.

How To Increase Adsense Earning - 15 Tips and Tricks

1. Block low paying channels:

Yes, Adsense allows its users to block the advertising channel, so that any Adsense user can easily block the low paying or unwanted advertising channel.  Similarly, if you block low paying ads in your adsense account, high paying ads will be show on your site and earning will be even more.

First of all, login to your Adsense account and go to Adsense Dashboard »Allow & block ads» All my sites.  You will now find a box below in the Advertiser URLs tab.  In this box you have to add low paying ads URLs.

2. Block low paying categories:

Just as you know Adsense allows us to block an unwanted site, you can also block low paying or unwanted categories.  According to the category on which you blog, you can show advertisement on your blog.

By using unrelated ads from the topic or category on which our blog is, we do not get many clicks.  I give you an example of that if your blog is on the technology topic then the visitors who come to your blog will be on interest technology.  In this case, if you show Beauty related ads in your blog, then no one will click on it because they do not have interest on it.

In this case Adsense gives us a very good option, so that we can show ads according to the niche of our blog.  For this, after login to Adsense account, go to Allow & block ads »All my sites and click in the General Categories tab.

The way you are looking at the above, I have not earned any 0% of the ads in the Autos & Vehicles category.  That's why we blocked it.  Similarly, block your category which is getting less earning in Adsense.

How to increase AdSense CPC

3. Using ads above the fold:

You must have often seen in many blogs that ads are shown in the header.  I have also seen in many popular sites that they show advertisements in such places where the users are first noticed.  You can also increase your earning by placing ads in your blog in the same way.

If you show ads in the headers, as soon as your visitor will open the blog then they will first see Ads, which will be more likely to click on it.  Some people do stupid things and show ads in the footer.  If you do this too, then ask yourself this question, why does someone visit your blog?

When you try to find out the answer, it will know that people visit your blog to get information and they do not have to take anything from the footer of your blog.  I mean to say that when someone opens the post in your blog, then after reading the full post it closes and few people can see your footer.

As we have already said that ads placement should be done in the blog, where the eyes of the users are first noticed.  For this you can use the responsive banner ad in the header and you can also use it in the sidebar.

4. Use Page label ads:

Google adsense introduced this feature in 2016.  This is a very good way, by which you can double your Adsense income.  When you use it in your blog, then there will be responsive size ads in the bottom and some time when you open a page or post in your blog, there will be ads show, with which there will also be an option to skip.

In my case, I have also tried using it.  This had increased my earning but it started affecting my site's loading speed more.  But right now Adsense has optimized it, so that now it loads faster than before.  If you have not tried it yet, then try using it once.

5. Use text and images Ads:

Some people use the same type of ads in their blogs, due to which their earning is greatly reduced.  Adsense offers us many types of ads, from which we can increase our earning.

Actually, AdSense leaves no stone unturned for the ease of users.  Many new experiences are done in this and regular new new features are also added.  Adsense gives us a lot of flexibility, but we can not use them properly, which can not increase earnings.

If you use only one type of ads, then we would recommend that you use all types of ads and from your experience, find out which types of ads have earned you more income then use them more.

6. Use Link ads more than Display ads:

In my case, I am using Adsense for almost 2 years and it has become a lot of experience for me.  According to my experience, link ads use will be much better than display ads in the post.  You can use as many as 2 banner ads in the post.

This does not have much trouble for our post readers and it also gives you more Ads Click.  You will also see in many popular sites that there are at most 1-2 banner ads in the post, the rest are link ads.  When a user clicks on the banner ad after another, they recognize but text changes are happening in the link ad, so that no one is able to identify easily.

7. Making your ads similar to your theme:

If you want to earn more money from Adsense, then this is a great way for you.  Well you might have understood from title that in this you have to make your ads style similar to your theme.  When ads are similar to your blog, then your earnings will be much higher than before.

The font and background color of the time you create ads should match your blog's font color.  So that anyone can understand that there is a normal link.  If you do this 100% of your earning will be very high.

8. Show Matched content to increase click through rate:

We have already explained how to increase Earning by using Matched content in Adsense.  (If you want to know about it deeply, read it.) So here we will tell you in short what are Matched Content?

Actually, just as the name suggests, the matched content is posted to our blog post and it also shows ads in it.  You can also use it for relevant posts under single post in your blog.  Also you can use it for popular posts in the sidebar.  This will increase the CTR of your adsense.  When the CTR of your blog will be better, then earning will also be good.

9. Use Responsive ads:

Our blog does not bring traffic from only one device, but people from mobile, computer and many devices come to our site.  So we have to make our site responsive for all devices so that our site can be open easily on any device.

We use a responsive theme to make our site responsive, but have you ever noticed why you use a responsive size ads.  If you use ads of a specific size (eg 720 * 160), then it will open properly in the computer but mobile users will have trouble.  That's why we use responsive ads to show fitable ads in all the devices.  For a blog, you should always use only ads of responsive size.

10. Don’t use title such as “sponsor ads”, “ads” in AdSense widget.

I have seen some people that they show ads in their blog, but they write sponsor ads, ads, advertisements, ads by google in their title, so that the newbie who is also does not click on it.  So if you want to increase your earning then do not use title in ads.

11. Make A/B test:

A blogger should always test by changing the ads of his blog.  This will allow you to know which types of ads will make you a good earner.  This will make your experience even better.  Try using all types of ads, not the same.
Apart from this, you will also want to add another thing that regular changes to ads placement and ads type in blogs.  Because people use the ads for a long time in a single place and they do not click on your ads.

12. Attract visitors from USA,Canada ,Australia and Singapore:

AdSense will pay you $ 10- $ 20 in 1000 pageviews on USA traffic.  We also call all these countries tier 1 countries and the traffic of these countries is also called "premium traffic".  Because there are people who focus on online business and do more online advertising, so the CPCs are high.

So if you want to earn more from your blog then try to get traffic from all these countries.  This is possible only if your blog is in English.

15 Ways To Boost Your Google Adsense Revenue

13. Don’t Use VPN:

Today, people have created a new way, so that they convert themselves from vpn to the server of other countries (eg USA, Canada, HongKong) and then click on their ads.  With which Adsense pay more money by raising their cpc.

People who use VPN also do not know that it has full report adsense.  Yes, the Adsense team has a report of your activities.  If you have used vpn many times, then nothing has happened to you, then tell you that you use vpn for 5-6 days continuously.  I am sure that your adsense account will be disabled.

I have also got to read in Newspaper that recently Adsense has caught people from Uttar Pradesh and many places using VPN.  That's why adsense has made its policy stronger now.  Although very few people know about it and who know it, please do not use it.

14. Use High Paying Keywords:

This is a tremendous way by which you can easily take your Adsense earning to a high level.  Many bloggers are following this method and they earn many times more income than their blog traffic estimate earning.

Different keywords have different value in Adsense.  For example, "Insurance" is the highest paying keyword.  You have to first research the high paying keyword and then use it in your blog post.  When ads will show on its basis, then cpc will be higher.

15. Don’t use So Many Ads:

As you all know, Adsense has already removed the policy with 3 ads per page.  This does not mean that you use unlimited ads in your site.  If there are too many ads in a site, then you will know how much trouble the visitors have to take.

If you are thinking that if you use more ads then you will get more clicks than this, then maybe your misunderstanding can happen.  Yes, you can get more than 1 or 2 clicks if you use too much ads from Limitation, but you have thought about how much trouble it will cause your users?

If you want to earn more from your blog for a long time, then I will tell you to use at least one of the ads in the blog.  According to the average, if you write a post of 2000 words, then only 2-3 ads are shown in it.  With this I am sure you will get more clicks and your readers will not have any problem.

How To Boost Google Adsense Earnings

At the Last,
Making good money with Adsense is not an easy task.  If we see a screenshot of other people's Adsense account on social media or more, then we think that we can also earn. 
But when we start earning then after that it is known that it is easy to earn money from adsense or not.  If you follow the above tips and tricks, then you can increase your Adsense Earning by 500%.

Apart from all this, I want to tell you one more thing that since the Browser companies have made Adblocker, then the bloggers have more than 50% affect on earning.
But for us, developers have also created anti adblocker script, using which you can prevent adblocker user from visiting your site.  We will talk about it in the coming time.

If you are a newbie blogger or AdSense user then all the tips mentioned above are very important for you.  Read all these tips carefully and comment if you have trouble understanding.

Hope you have read this post.  If you have any question related to blogging or internet, then comment.  Share this post in social media and tell friends.
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