How To Choose The Right Keywords for Your Blog Post

How To Choose The Right Keywords for Your Blog Post ?

There are two ways to choose keywords for your blog.

i) First, we can do it by guessing.  In that case, there is a 100% chance of choosing the wrong keyword that has no value and a significant search volume.

ii) Alternatively, you can choose keywords by doing thorough research to ensure the quality of the keywords you choose.

Therefore, to choose the right keywords for your blog, you should choose the second option of conducting keyword research.


Keyword research means searching the web for popular keywords that have a high CPC value for him and are frequently searched by the target user.

So, basically, research to find profitable keywords that will help you bring a lot of traffic to your blog and of course make more money from Adsense.


How do you do keyword research?

Doing effective keyword research has never been easier. Keyword Research now has a number of his websites, many of which are completely free to use.

So just go to one of those sites (let's say KWFinder) and type your keyword into the search bar.

Their search engine automatically finds tons of similar keywords and shares reports about them.

Easily see how popular a keyword is, how many people are searching for that keyword, which sites are currently dominating that keyword, CPC value, and more.

Keyword research therefore helps you get a measurable report or status of a keyword and its competition rate. If the competition rate is low, you can use it to rank your blog quickly.

But if there's stiff competition and Big Guns already holds the top spot, you might want to skip another popular keyword.

So with keyword research, you can predict your blog's ranking even before you write a post.

This allows you to choose and focus on more effective and profitable keywords.

So, do some keyword research and choose keywords for your blog.

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