Which Is The Best Programming Language for App Development ?

What's the best programming language to learn for building mobile apps?

Actually it depends on you what type of app you want to develop, still, there are colorful types of app in which different programming language are used like 
If you see.

Native app- As the name suggest, “Native” so these type of apps principally dependent on platform like which operating system are you using
For case, iOS for iPhone, Android, windows phone app. 

Ok come to the question, first i talk about iOS for iphone, which programming language will be needed for this ?

Swift Programming language:

You can also call it Apple programming language because it's principally developed for . It's good but for erecting a iOS app only but for this you must have to carry macOS.

So, I suppose it'll be precious because for this, you have to bear Apple company tools.

Android app development:

Everyone is talking about Android in moment world. For development of Android, you must have to learn first java programming language and also kotlin or may be Android.

Lets talk about java:
Java java is the stylish programming language for learning Android app development.

It's the platform independent language mean if you produce your app in java also it'll be suitable to run on Windows OS, linux. unix.

It uses the conception of object acquainted programming language so it provides security further than c or c.

Still, so go on kotlin or Android for creating Android Application, If you have formerly familiar with java.

But flash back , for frontal end you must also familiar with html and css.

Which Is The Best Programming Language for App Development ?

1) Web App development:
Still, also must learn html, css, If you want to go in web development field. 
For making more seductive app you can also use Bootstrap or may Django web frame work which is written in Python.
2) Mobile app development:
For mobile app development, Java,c#, html, c are used. 
I've formerly explain about java. 

Lets talk about c#:
If you see the syntex of c# also you'll definately find that it's analogous to java programming language in some extent.

Java andc# both are the safe language. 
You can learn both the languages contemporaneously by doing comparison and trust me you'll find it veritably intersting. 

So this is the some field of App development with different programming languages. 
But if i talk tête-à-tête, i would reccomend you that should learn first java, python andc# also. 
But if you have lower time to learn also java is the stylish option with Html and CSS.

Html and css are obligatory and you can see that these are used in the all field of App development. 
Enjoy the field of App development
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