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What's The Next After Blogging ?

We can tell you the secrets of any site that relies on blogs, including all major media sites.


Nothing gets you traffic per article.  zero, Unless the article goes viral, and this is rare. They all get their traffic from the so-called long tail.

Maybe one article gets him 5% of his daily traffic and the other 10,000 articles share the remaining 95% of the traffic. That's how all major sites work.

Therefore, you cannot rely on blogs to increase your media presence.  Everything needs to start: blogging, vlogs (video blogs – I need to start this), exposing myself to new audiences on radio, TV, syndication, Twitter (what I do in these Twitter Q&As) ), Facebook (find out how to build traffic to your blog's fan page, I still have to work on this), books (how to self-publish and why is next ).

What's The Next After Blogging ?

So the "next thing" is to integrate everything, all at once.

Well, you have something to say, And it has to be great.

I still get it.  Sometimes I tell personal stories and what I learned from them.  Sometimes I express my opinion directly and support it.

They may also describe what they have learned from others. Articles that I consider to be of the highest quality often get the lowest traffic.  But that's why we have to confuse.

But I still understand this. Every day, all day long, I read, write, watch, study, and think about what this “form” is and how I can become good at it.  So I am a student of the following.

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