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What's The Best Way To Make Life Easier ?

What's the best way to make life easier?

1) Having few friends.

2) Not friendly.

3) Stop external validation.

4) Don't chase people

5) Stop stalking your EX.

6) Love yourself just as you are.

7) Don't give a damn about everything around you.

8) Close your mouth as much as possible.

9) Stop thinking


10) Do not give yourself up to others by breaking up or making up.

11) Find happiness in the little things.

12) It's okay to fail.

13) Please understand that achievements are not required.

14) Stay away from humans whenever you get the chance.

15) You don't have to be too kind to others.

16) Stop being such a nice person.

17) Live your life slowly and calmly.

18) Never stop loving yourself, no matter what the cost.

19) Shut up and watch out for your business.

20) Stop taking revenge.

21) Don't worry about other people's opinions.

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