What are some harsh realities of life?

What are some harsh realities of life ?

1) Most girls are abused by their relatives.

2) Everyone's love is conditional, even your parents.

3) Karma exists.

4) Looks are more important than talent.

5) People don't care about your suggestions until you're famous.

6) No one thinks from your point of view.

7) There are times in everyone's life when everything goes wrong.  (Don't give up. Face it, you will know the value of life).


8) Believe it or not, there is evil in everyone's character.

9) Her 98% of Indian parents care more about society than their children.

10) Expectations hurt

11) The law of attraction exists.

12) When you lose all your money, everyone who loves you is gone.

13) Most people disagree with the second statement.

14) Everyone wants to be rich, but they don't want to take risks (it's like everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die).

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