Things That Spoil The Beauty Of The Face

Things That Spoil The Beauty Of The Face:

1) Shampoo:

Never use shampoo to clean the face.  The chemicals present in shampoos can be harsh on the skin of the face. You should only use a face wash with mild ingredients to clean your face.

2) Baking soda:

Baking soda is used in the treatment of acne. Many people consider it perfect as a home remedy. Excessive use of baking soda can cause skin problems as it can disturb the pH level of your skin.

3) soap:

If you clean your face with soap while taking a bath, avoid doing so. The use of soap removes the natural oil of the skin and can make the skin dry. Excessive use of soap can increase skin rashes and itching.

4) Body Lotion:

Applying body lotion on the face should be avoided.  Body lotion should not be applied on facial skin. The skin of our body is different from the skin of the face.

The density of body lotion is high, which can cause the pores of the face to stop. You can also have allergies on your face, so avoid using it.

5) Toothpaste:

Toothpaste is used to remove black heads. Applying toothpaste on the face can cause irritation and infection.  Redness and swelling may increase if you have pimples on your skin.

6) Hot water:

Avoid using hot water on the face.  Using hot water directly on the face can lead to loss of facial moisture, which will make the skin look dry. Many people clean the face with warm water during cold days but you should avoid it.


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