New Khoirom V5 Blogger Template Download

Khoirom V5 Blogger Template may be a personal blogspot template with relatively fast page loading speed, beautiful interface, neat layout, easy to put in, this template is suitable for sharing / selling interfaces or for advertising services to customers row.

Khoirom V5 Blogger Template Download

This is the foremost successful blogspot template of the three templates he designed in 2018 and is widely known. The template has nearly 5000 views and nearly 500 downloads on the source-sharing website and plenty of downloads in other blogs / websites. this is often his greatest achievement as a blogger.

Khoirom V5 Responsive Blogger Template could also be a totally user friendly theme designed with upgraded and latest techniques which can modify its width according to the screen size. You'll sale more, receive more, then have the right eCommerce blog with such a topic, with all of the features you've grown to expect from store template, and a few extra features for sellers.

Khoirom V5 Blogger Template Features

  • Layout Version 3
  • Widget Version 2
  • Reponsive
  • Mobile Friendly
  • 404 Page
  • Search box
  • Label Widget
  • Related Posts
  • Back To Top
  • Popular Posts Widget
  • Banner Ads Widget
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