How To Install Blogger Template Properly 2023

Learn how to install the blogger template. I will show you how to find professional blogger templates and install blogger themes on your blog.

The standard blogger template is outdated and looks like an old website, but you can use free blogger themes to make your blog look more professional, user-friendly and mobile he friendly.  We'll show you blogger templates for mobile and how to find the most responsive blogger templates.


How To Install Blogger Template Properly 2023

To install a new Blogger theme, first create a Blogger blog.

From there, go to your dashboard.

The Dashboard has an option for "Themes".

The default option is to choose the standard theme provided by Blogger.  However, most people would like to find a more professional and responsive template that makes their website or blog look great.  You can find a variety of blog themes on this blog.

When you find your favorite His Blogger theme, download it for free.

A zip file will be created on your computer and you can unzip it.

Open that folder and you'll see the HTML file.

On Blogger's Themes page, click the Restore button in the upper right corner.

Upload your HTML file and click the Upload button.

After that, a new Blogger theme will be installed for your blog, ready for you to customize.

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