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How to Get High Quality Backlinks For a New Blog in 2023

How to Get High Quality Backlinks For a New Blog in 2023

Hello guys! Congratulations on your new blog. By good backlinks, we'll assume you mean "meaningful" backlinks - and the answer is actually pretty simple - write absolutely great content that's shareable.

The user below also provided some good advice on setting up multiple social accounts. You're going to need a platform to amplify the great content you're trying to create.

Content (good content) is the engine that drives the link acquisition engine.  Good content is like a magnet for good links.

The hard part is coming up with content ideas. For your reference, here are some tips for finding content ideas that attract links.


Smart Ways to Earn or Build Backlinks to Your Website

1- Look at what has been done so far and what has been successful. Take a look at other blogs in your industry, especially established/well-known blogs, and use tools like semrush, Moz, Ahrefs to find the most popular content. 

Write down the topic title and think for yourself. Can you make an updated post on this subject? Can you produce something better? Or can you create a completely new post with this kind of idea?

2 - Focus on visual media and video.  These are the most shared types of media. If you can put together an absolutely amazing video (tutorial, how-to, Q&A, etc.), it's great for people to share and link to.

Infographics are great too, but they need to stand out.  There are a lot of info graphics that go awry, so make sure you really set yourself apart if you go this route.

3 - Reach out to other blogs in your niche and ask for contributions. This is a really good way to amplify your expertise within the industry. Contact media outlets working in your industry and offer to write articles for them.

Usually they are happy to provide an author link back to your website.  This helps drive traffic (and links!).

These are three easy ways to build meaningful links. There are obviously more. But these are a great start!

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