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How To Do Email Marketing To Promote Your Youtube Channel

How To Do Email Marketing To Promote Your Youtube Channel

If you have a mailing list, just send the link to the video.

Maybe something like this:


I hope you check out this video about "WHAT IT'S ABOUT".

Feedback is very helpful, so please leave a comment.

(Your Name)

It's really that simple. People love it when you ask for their advice.  It makes them feel special, they feel needed, they feel part of your group.

But if you don't have a mailing list, make a cool video about a specific subject, get a lot of views, do some keyword research and add it to your video and description.

Let's say you make a video on "How to set up a funnel with ClickFunnels".


How to Promote Your YouTube Channel via email list

Then set up a lead generation page with a headline like, “Learn how to set up your funnel flat 10 minutes with ClickFunnel.”

Make sure your submit button links to a YouTube video on YouTube.

Find a place to post your giveaway giveaway on Facebook in a group related to a specific topic of your choice (be sure to follow the TOS).

Now you're killing two birds with one stone because not only do you get a new view, but you also build a list.

Hope this help :)

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