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How to Come Up with Great Blog Post Ideas Consistently

It's a process, but some are simpler than others. Here is an example.

If I'm an otaku, point blank period. So let's say I'm building a blog or Twitter/Instagram account about someone or a franchise I like.

Now that I've learned the game of insurance, I know far more numbers than I did in high school.

I want to make money with this

Must be able to post different content

I have to keep it funny

How to Come Up with Great Blog Post Ideas Consistently

That thought process should allow you to post at least 366 different things.  Now let's map this out.

So DBZ allows us to take this by breaking down what we want to talk about into different factors.  It's a way to make money while you sleep, so please follow me. This is how I think. I want to talk about






5, right?  If my math is correct, 365 divided by 5 equals 73.  So for all the bullet points above, there are 73 possible topics.


If you're a fan of DBZ, we know there are enough characters and episodes to tell 73 different stories.  Not a lot of games or movies unless you upload screenshot content.

So it's time to compensate.  Then select the letters randomly.  Lists all characters discovered so far in DBZ.

How Do Bloggers Find Enough Content to Post Everyday?

Last time I read it was 130, but I know that number will increase as the season progresses. Now suppose we talked about each character twice instead of consecutively.

That's 260.  365 minus 260 is 105.  Only 105 topics left for the year... how simple is that? Choose just one from the five bullet points above.  It's easy when you think about it and plan for it.

I showed you how to make money in the process.  You can also use that idea and infuse it from the guide here.  But basically, some people are finding ways to post every day.

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