How Much Organic Traffic Can I Expect With 50 Articles on My Blog?

    How Much Organic Traffic Can I Expect With 50 Articles on My Blog ?

    Traffic isn't rocket science and you don't have to start over.  Here are his 3 proven strategies for increasing blog traffic.

    Backlinks (links on other websites pointing to your website) are very important as his SEO ranking factor in Google. This is because Google looks at the number of backlinks (and the credibility of those backlinks) when determining the importance of an article.


    Backlinks are harder to get than crosslinks (obviously), but they are absolute gold in search rankings.

    Google makes it much easier to index your content and understand what content is most important when cross-linking your posts.

    Cross-linking means that the new blog post contains a link to the old blog post.  We focus on adding as many links as possible to our pillar content, which makes it easier for us to rank in search engines.

    Plus, unlike backlinks, crosslinks are completely under your control.

    Google likes fresh, new articles. But rather than writing an entirely new post, simply picking up and updating an old pillar article makes it easier for users to always find the most helpful content. Here's how to update old content .

    Improve Your Content

    Add more content

    Add image/screenshot

    Remove old information

    Added more updates

    Add the LSI keyword

    How Much Organic Traffic Can I Expect With 50 Articles on My Blog?

    These are keywords related to the main keyword

    All of these related searches are LSI keywords that you can weave into your posts.

    Two great tools you can use to find LSI keywords are KWFinder and SEMrush. Just enter your main keyword and a list of related keywords will be generated.  Additionally, using them in conjunction with another keyword tool called SERP Empire can help you rank higher on Google.

    Ultimately, creating the best content for your users (with search engines in mind) in the first place will get you traffic.  When you turn that traffic into leads and customers, you earn revenue.

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