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How Do I Get 100k Real Visitors Daily for a New Website?

How do I get 100k real visitors daily for a new website?

Choose deep topics, keywords and target markets

The first thing you need to do if you want to have a good SEO strategy is to know what keywords you are using and what target market you are trying to reach.  Focus on low-competition long-tail keywords and use a great keyword tool called SERP Empire.

 I often see blogs dealing with very generalized topics, but the result is a lot of piecemeal content, unresponsive mailing lists, and less success.

As you research your topic, see what you want to talk about and how your blog is different from all other blogs. .

When researching keywords, it's a good idea to know who your competitors are and how saturated the market is.  There are some niches that are very difficult to compete in.  However, the main concern is niches that don't have enough traffic.

How Do I Get 100k Real Visitors Daily for a New Website?

Get your own domain name:

Google gives higher weight to websites and blogs that have their own domain name and host.  Because this is a very basic signal that the website is going to take it more seriously and improve its quality.  Here's a quick video demonstrating my preferred setup.

WordPress SEO by Yoast:

Now you need to get a little more advanced and install a plugin specifically designed to improve the search engine performance of your WordPress blog. The most popular and respected is WordPress SEO by Yoast is.


Create strategic content based on keywords, values ​​and differences:

If you really pay attention to what shows up at the top of Google these days, you'll notice a mix of local stuff, videos, long-form content, old content, fresh content, photos, and more.

So instead of just trying to write something "quality", you need to dig deep into your niche and find things that are not only useful but can create something different.

How can I create something that will attract attention?

Create one great post of at least 3,500 words (include links to big bloggers in niches, graphics, photos, etc.) based on one strategic keyword set and differences.  Find another blog and offer it as a guest post.

This is something I've noticed many bloggers still really struggle with.  When it comes to getting traffic from Google, it often starts with building brand awareness, getting your name out there, and building links.  And it can be done very easily with some excellent guest posts.

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