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How Can I Maintain My Blog and Get Real Traffic?

How can I maintain my blog and get real traffic?

There are some strategies that can help increase real traffic to your blog.  The ones I find most effective are:

SEO.  You need to understand how search engines work and incorporate that knowledge into your blog.  You need to make sure it includes all the keywords you want to rank for.  This means targeting less competitive keywords and focusing on long-tail keywords.

Optimize your content for voice search. We are moving into a world where people are quitting typing altogether. The more advanced the voice input, the less actual typing.  Given this trend, you should target phrases related to voice search.


Post relevant and valuable content.  Not just keywords.  Writing a perfect article about SEO won't get you more traffic if it's exactly the same as a competitor's entry just because it's reused text.

How To Get Real/Organic Traffic

Instead, you should focus on creating content that will continue to serve, such as checklists, guides, and case studies for future reference.

Make sure guest posting is enabled.  You can easily promote your blog by giving other people the opportunity to become contributors.

Submit a guest post yourself. Work with other blogs to get organic traffic.

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