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How can I drive traffic to a brand new blog?

Hello friend, there are 2 types of traffic, so it depends on what kind you would like .

How Can I Drive Traffic to a Brand New Blog?

Paid Traffic:
Paid traffic is that the fastest way, whereas organic traffic will take some work.

Paid traffic is pretty straightforward, you pay a service that advertises your product, website, social media...etc.

To get paid traffic, you'll promote your page using Native Ads.

So you merely need to create ads on a Native Ad network.

Free Traffic:
We even have other different options like, Facebook ads, Google ads, YouTube ads, or Quora ads.

To get free traffic, for instance , you'll optimize the SEO for your landing page to rank higher in search results.

You can also develop a following on social media and advertise your paid content there.

Finally you'll get organic traffic by answering questions related to your content/product on Q & A sites like Reddit and Quora.

Simply look for these products or topics. After you look for questions related to what you are promoting, you'll open these questions and answer them then link your webpage to it.
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