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Grandma's Home Remedies

Grandma's Home Remedies:

After leaving the lemon in hot water for a while, then cutting it, more juice comes out of the lemon.

To set the curd quickly and well, add raw green chilies to the milk while setting it at night, the curd will set very well.

Putting three or four loaves in the sugar box does not bring the ant.

Flies run away by keeping camphor cakes in the kitchen.

To remove the bitterness of fenugreek, add some salt and keep it aside for a while.


Dates are effective in increasing male power. The estrogenic flavonoids present in it increase your sperm count.

Mix two spoons of coconut oil and two spoons of aloe vera gel in a cup of curd and apply it on the hair for 1 hour. Do this once a week. By doing this the hair becomes silky and strong and grows twice as fast.

In case of sore throat, boil two or three basil leaves in water and then gargle with this water.

To remove the freckles of the skin, soak some urad dal in milk and keep it overnight, apply this paste on the face, the freckles will go away.

To remove the yellowness of the teeth, mix two to three drops of mustard oil with a pinch of salt and clean the teeth.

Putting onion juice in the ear cures earache.

Constipation is cured by drinking one spoon of honey mixed with a glass of water every night before going to bed.

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