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Can I Download Premium Templates in Free

Can I Download Premium Templates in Free

Yes. It is possible. You can download it for free like this.

However, the free responsive premium blogger template is possible with footer credit. Now, all developers have started offering content with full user access and premium features for free for advertising purposes.

It is more important to promote yourself using your own platform for free.  As such, we do not allow anyone to download and use our templates without credit.


Free blogger templates are a good concept for low-budget bloggers like me. Yes everyone. We also use free blogger templates. So it is available.  But you trust them. Otherwise the template will not work on your site.

In other words, if you remove the author credit, the site will start redirecting to the sponsored site every time. I know it's annoying.

It is impossible for all bloggers to download and use free premium templates without proper credit to the author anyway.  That's what I wanted to say in this answer.

Why everyone? A little help for the author won't cause any problems for your blog. Support authors with templates. Use your site to promote them. Help them create more for us.

Thanks to all Blogger template developers.

Here is a list of sites I trust.

template yard


gooyaabi template

Theme Xpose

sora blogger template

CSS author

theme forest

gone crazy

my blogger theme

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