Best Tips and Tricks to Increase Your YouTube Engagement Rate

If your video has fewer than 1,000 views, your engagement rate can be significantly impacted by a comment or two likes. So this is not an accurate measure of success.

As a small creator, I recommend that you focus on improving your content and analyzing its qualitative aspects.

Quantitative numbers become more accurate when the number of views per video exceeds 10,000.

Best Tips and Tricks to Increase Your YouTube Engagement Rate

Finally, to answer a question more directly, this video is not a good topic for YouTube to recommend and may not have been watched.

For example, for tutorials, these are typically "search" oriented videos. Or, if it's not recommended, it could be because of your average watch time.


Same goes for importance, but how long is the video playing? In general, longer videos with longer playing times are preferred. But don't artificially lengthen your videos for this reason.

We recommend that you create a style that allows for fun content in your video that is 7 minutes or longer. This will be enough content for the algorithm's liking. 

Alternatively, you can create short, viral-style videos under 7 minutes. But this is more of a gamble than getting quality viewing time.

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