9 Core Ways To Promote Affiliate Links

9 Core Ways To Promote Affiliate Links

There are many strategies here and the one I use is:

1- Create how-to tutorials on your blog or YouTube:

For example, create a tutorial on "YouTube SEO and Growth", mention Tubebuddy within the tutorial, and share your affiliate link.

2- Website resource page: Create a list of tools you use and add it to your resource page.

3- Create a list of affiliate: programs and promote 2-tier affiliate programs so that marketers can easily select a program.

How To Promote Affiliate Links ?

4- Email Marketing: Share your affiliate link within your newsletter.

5- Write on Medium: Write on Medium and share links if relevant.


6- Website banner ads: Publish display ads and use pop-ups with timers to promote special coupons.

7- Starter Toolkit: Create a PDF listing all the tools and resources you need to accomplish a specific task and use your affiliate link.

For example, we collect all the tools used to start a WordPress site and offer it as a free resource.

8- Advertise your affiliate program with your gig or service: For example, if you sell a service to install Wordpress on her VPS server, share your affiliate link with your client to sign up and send her your VPS details.

9- Create wizards and advisors, advisor tools that help people decide which products to buy and promote multiple affiliate programs. If you want to see a working example, visit hostadvisor.com or fastdomainer.com

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